Fishing with Bob.

 Waking up at 7 this morning was not a bad thing considering my plans to go fishing with my buddy Lobster Bob…. Fishin for Dolphin! No not Flipper… The other one. We ended up ridin out a few miles for a few hours with no bites so we headed back near shore to a Reef where the easier catch live.. Holey Mackerel!. Tim and I instantly started catching these things and landed a few big ones that were about 2 feet in length.
          Headed home with dinner in the ice chest is a good feeling. And I was looking forward to the next part… Gutting, preparing, cooking and eating the damn thing!

Here are the steps that one could take.

Step One – Catch a fish.

 Step Two – Store the fish on ICE.

Step Three – Gut and clean the fish. Clean up your tools when your done or they will smell bad…. Discard the fish somewhere that wont stink too. I threw mine back into the water to continue that cycle of life.

- Step Four –
Clean your tools or they will smell like.. You know what.
-Step Five-
Prepare the fish. I went to Google and watched a video on cooking Mackerel. Its pretty simple and I learned a few things about cooking this type of fish. 

Step Four –
Take a breath and Eat that Fish!

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