Independence day. The world remembers the energy.


This life.

        I have been plagued with a kind of mind.
That likes to sit and watch the time.
With a head that is crystal clear.
No confusion can be found.

While i am amazed by the Elders.
Who cant seem to calm down.
They choose to close their minds.
To the knowledge of the youth.
Which is closest to the truth.

Now we could learn to work together.
But things must be done first.
Find truth.
Stop counting our age.
for our minds are timeless. 

Just listen.
To the earth that is spinnin.
I would suggest we stop sinnin.
This will save a lot of time.

Now if the rock was to stop.
What would you hold on to?
Do you think that what you know can save you?
Are you worth saving?
Could you continue the human race?
Is it a race worth running?

The lines have started to blur for me.
I would rather be a tree.
Anything but Me

I don't care if you cant see.
Because it is the blind who are truly free.
They don't have to see what we have become

I don't need a life of LUXURY.

Those kind of things are not for me. 

All that i need is to be Free.

That will do for ME.

Cant you see?


Unrealized Soul.

I came across a Soul
Who had not realized its Self.
I was moved by its Entrapment.
As nothing could be done.
And nothing, i did.
Though i could have shown.
Things like this.
Must be known.
Not shown.
Time will tell.
As always does.

Fishing with Bob.

 Waking up at 7 this morning was not a bad thing considering my plans to go fishing with my buddy Lobster Bob…. Fishin for Dolphin! No not Flipper… The other one. We ended up ridin out a few miles for a few hours with no bites so we headed back near shore to a Reef where the easier catch live.. Holey Mackerel!. Tim and I instantly started catching these things and landed a few big ones that were about 2 feet in length.
          Headed home with dinner in the ice chest is a good feeling. And I was looking forward to the next part… Gutting, preparing, cooking and eating the damn thing!

Here are the steps that one could take.

Step One – Catch a fish.

 Step Two – Store the fish on ICE.

Step Three – Gut and clean the fish. Clean up your tools when your done or they will smell bad…. Discard the fish somewhere that wont stink too. I threw mine back into the water to continue that cycle of life.

- Step Four –
Clean your tools or they will smell like.. You know what.
-Step Five-
Prepare the fish. I went to Google and watched a video on cooking Mackerel. Its pretty simple and I learned a few things about cooking this type of fish. 

Step Four –
Take a breath and Eat that Fish!


Soon To Come.

         I need an Exposure unit for Screen Printing. I think ill build this one.


       This is something that i never particularly believed in.  Until these past few years. A series of events have lead me to a certain point in my life that without all of them happening the way they did. I would not be "here" doing what i love to do . Lately i have been seeing a few signs that show me that im following my Destiny.
        I was on a walk and it was Super Bowl Sunday! not that i could care less about football but as i was riding my bike down the sidewalk i noticed something in the Pavement. It was words that spelled "Ben Was Here" which seems like a fine coincidence and i kept riding until i came to this huge Banyan Tree with hundreds of names carved into it and my name was the boldest one to be carved into the tree. This was all kind of cool to me and im really glad to have found a purpose for existing and i believe that i am exactly where i need to be at this point in my life. I love everything! Except for this image below.

The city of Stuart is an awesome place. But when they spend millions of dollars on this new park renovation
while killing trees and destroying the land and not planning to built just one this that is Skate-able. These are things i just cant understand.

Good Life.

       You know its good. When this is happening.


            I just had a breakthrough in frame construction for my screens (screen printing). Instead of using the expensive $1.36 - 1"x2.5" wood. I am now using the cheep .75 cent - 3/4"x1.5" wood. What does this mean? It means that i can make my screens with less money and hopefully the same strength. I will find out tomorrow.


Screen Printing.

        I have decided that it is a good idea to start my own Screen Printing Operation. This way of printing is a lost art and very simple to achieve. Keep checking back for updates on this. For now. Here are some shots of my first frame that i will use to make a screen.


My Wish list

Here is a list of things that i would love to have in order to continue in life. If you would like to help in any way let me know! My mailing address is 708 SW Cleveland Avenue if you really love me and just want to surprise me.

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