This is something that i never particularly believed in.  Until these past few years. A series of events have lead me to a certain point in my life that without all of them happening the way they did. I would not be "here" doing what i love to do . Lately i have been seeing a few signs that show me that im following my Destiny.
        I was on a walk and it was Super Bowl Sunday! not that i could care less about football but as i was riding my bike down the sidewalk i noticed something in the Pavement. It was words that spelled "Ben Was Here" which seems like a fine coincidence and i kept riding until i came to this huge Banyan Tree with hundreds of names carved into it and my name was the boldest one to be carved into the tree. This was all kind of cool to me and im really glad to have found a purpose for existing and i believe that i am exactly where i need to be at this point in my life. I love everything! Except for this image below.

The city of Stuart is an awesome place. But when they spend millions of dollars on this new park renovation
while killing trees and destroying the land and not planning to built just one this that is Skate-able. These are things i just cant understand.

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