This life.

        I have been plagued with a kind of mind.
That likes to sit and watch the time.
With a head that is crystal clear.
No confusion can be found.

While i am amazed by the Elders.
Who cant seem to calm down.
They choose to close their minds.
To the knowledge of the youth.
Which is closest to the truth.

Now we could learn to work together.
But things must be done first.
Find truth.
Stop counting our age.
for our minds are timeless. 

Just listen.
To the earth that is spinnin.
I would suggest we stop sinnin.
This will save a lot of time.

Now if the rock was to stop.
What would you hold on to?
Do you think that what you know can save you?
Are you worth saving?
Could you continue the human race?
Is it a race worth running?

The lines have started to blur for me.
I would rather be a tree.
Anything but Me

I don't care if you cant see.
Because it is the blind who are truly free.
They don't have to see what we have become

I don't need a life of LUXURY.

Those kind of things are not for me. 

All that i need is to be Free.

That will do for ME.

Cant you see?